The Hepburn Community Fund hosts lunches for locals in the Hepburn Shire.


Each month, ten people (who live or work in the Hepburn Shire) attend a complimentary lunch and together create "A Giving Circle”, to pool their financial, intellectual, professional and personal resources to benefit groups and organisations in the Hepburn Shire that encourage and empower people living or working in Hepburn.   

The Fund aims to increase opportunities for young people, for women, marginalised groups, people living with disabilities, Dja Dja Wurrung and the Traditional Owners of the land and Aboriginal communities, to encourage the good health and well-being of all people living in the Shire.  

Membership and attendance at these lunches is open to anyone either living or working in the Hepburn Shire, of any age, interest or background – we only ask that you add value by contributing $100 so that at each meeting, ten community investors (guests at the lunch) can give a cash grant of $1000 to a group they determine to be worthy of the grant, so the investment can make a real difference in our community.

Who is behind the initiative? Meet the Committee.



Lunches will be held every two months: May 16, July 18, Sept 19 and November 14. If one lunch is sold out, you're simply booked into the next one. If you can't attend, or your plans change, you're welcome to send a representative and still invest your $100.  The three basic criteria to determine the recipient of the $1000 investment are: 

1. The empowerment of and benefit to a diverse range of locals who live or work in the Hepburn Shire

2. The clarity and common understanding of what the money will be spent on and how it will help the community group, project and broader community in the Hepburn Shire

3. The sense of governance and management in place to ensure the money will be spent as proposed

You can apply to be an investor and guest at the lunch by simply completing the form below. Once you direct debit your $100 investment there is no refund. If your plans change and you can't attend a particular lunch, we can arrange for you to attend on another date.

To apply as a community group that wants a $1000 grant for your activities, simply complete the form below. 


1. All applicants (for investment or to be an investor) must live or work in the Hepburn Shire

2. You can apply to be both an investor and/or an applicant but you can't be a selector on your own application

3. The selection panel's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

4. Lunches (or 'investment selection meetings') are held on the second Sunday of each month

5. Deadline for grant applications from community groups is always SEVEN DAYS prior to the lunch (12noon deadline)

6. By submitting the form below you acknowledge you have read and agreed to these conditions 

7. You must be (or be associated with) a registered business, Incorporated Association or not for profit group to apply for a grant

8. If you're an unincorporated group, you can work with an established local business, a community partner or neighbourhood house

(to provide confidence that the money will be spent on what you propose it will be spent on)

9. If you're successful and win the investment, you must produce a report when funds have been spent as to how the funds were used 

10. Only 10-15 grant applications will be considered per round, so if you submit for a grant and are not included in one round, you will hopefully be included in the next round and/or told which month you're application is being considered 

11. You can apply as many times as you want


Thanks for submitting!


Thanks for submitting!